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Shannin Casey
The staff was amazing. Colors are kept in order. Relaxing atmosphere. Can't wait to go back.
Chanel Nixon
Best nail experience ever. Kevin and Lana are the best! Henry is awesome as well. Everything you need you can get it done here. The ambience is perfect ��. They even spoil you with Champagne � I prefer White!
Sarah S.
Annandale, VA
I had planned to visit another place but ended up parking in this part of Arlington and decided to look for a manicure location near by. I ended up in the Market Common looking for Acqua Nails after checking some Yelp reviews. Getting to this place is a little strange and involved a set of stairs that are not completely visible.

There were not many folks inside yet and I was helped immediately. They has a pretty wide assortment of shellac color from which to select. I decided on a pink with some sparkle. She asked if I wanted tips. I was not sure but decided to go with white tips and was glad it was an option. I have had several experiences where they tell you they cannot combine things so that I don't even ask anymore. Needless to say I was happy for the offer and I am glad to know it is option at this location. I am also really happy with the shape. I often feel like I have to repeatedly ask for rounded corners but not this time. I described what I wanted and that was what I got.

I am writing this review at about a week since my visit and my nails still look like new. I'm thinking these will last until I decide to remove them. I really wish I had known about this place when I lived over here and may find myself using getting my nails done as a reason to visit some of my favorite spots again as well as try a few newer places.
Sadia S.
Virginia Square, Arlington, VA
I went to Acqua this morning and had an appt at 10 am for a spa mani pedi. Needless to say, it's the best mani pedi I have gotten in a long time.
I was there for an hour and the place gets packed super fast. I would highly recommend making an appt or going early. They don't take tips on a credit card so make sure to bring cash.
Anna Laura B.
Shirlington, Arlington, VA
I can't believe the low star rating for Acqua nails!
The atmosphere is very nice and clean. All of their tools are sanitized and the chairs for both manis and the massage chairs for pedis are very comfortable. They have a good selection of nail polish colors and although I haven't had one yet I know they do gel/shellac.
This place is an unbelievable steal for $15, you get an impeccable manicure with paraffin wax included! Most nail salons don't even offer paraffin wax, and if they do they charge extra. Thats what really sets this place apart for me.
The manicures and pedicures are always flawless and the techs really take their time on your nails. Even if they are busy they won't rush you.
The central location in Clarendon near the metro and all the shops cannot be beat.
I have been to MANY nail salons in Arlington and none compare to Acqua. They also let you include tip on credit cards.
Jess T.
Arlington, VA
Clientele: This is a tiny nail salon frequented by fashionable women in their 20's and 30's. The place gets PACKED after work so be sure to make an appointment first.

Process: My manicure went great. It was painless and I love the way my nails look. I had no idea I had that much dead skin on my cuticles until it had been cut off. No more hangnails for me for a long time!

Conclusion: My nails look healthy and classy. It did take about 45 minutes but they weren't slow- they give your nails a 15-point inspection: soak them, numb cuticle, cut cuticle, wash hands, dip hands in paraffin, massage hands, apply lotion, cut nails, buff nails, clean under nails, paint nails, apply top coat, apply UV light, apply setting spray, apply finishing oil... I'm probably forgetting some steps. My point is, anything you can ever dream up doing to your nails to improve them, they do. The staff was friendly and courteous.

A French manicure is $20 before tip. As someone who doesn't really primp or get manicures all that often, this seems a little pricey, but maybe that's the going rate for this area. I dunno. But they did a fantastic job and I can't stop staring at my nails now. Especially when I type. Which is probably why this review is starting to get long... I'll stop now.
Anjali K.
Spokane, WA
I like this place and would recommend it if you're in the area! they have a good color selection to choose from, and I never feel rushed when I'm there. I don't have a specific girl I go to, but I've always been happy with my nails every time I've been there. My one complaint is that they sometimes will not be honest about the wait time for walk-ins because they get really busy between 5-7 on weekdays, but other than that I am a fan!
Kara S.
Boston, MA
Fantastic! best nail salon in the Clarendon/courthouse metro area! have been to every other place around and this is by far the cleanest, friendliest, fastest and best quality.
Christina A.
Arlington, VA
I've been going to this nail salon for about a year now and I truly love it. The woman are super friendly that work there and they do a great job on regular and gel manicures, pedicures and eyebrow waxing. I never make an appt. I just walk in and usually don't wait. I tend to go right at 10am. They place is clean but small. I took one star off for not the best decor but I really love this place!!! Their manicures last up to two weeks for me.
Eliza B.
Arlington, VA
At first, I was nervous about my first appointment here. The lady on the phone was terribly rude and very short with me.

Once I arrived, I braced myself for a rude and jarring welcome. But the woman that greeted me was quiet, not rude. It was clean and calm.

It took a while to figure out the package that I wanted. I wanted the spa pedicure and a manicure -- but that topped out at $70. No way!

So I selected a spa pedi onlyI went to pick out my color for a spa pedi only. While in the chair, I asked if there was a way to have the mani to but a basic version. After looking at my super short nails, the woman told me-- she could just paint them-- perfect solution.

Plus my pedicure lasted FOREVER.

They play calm soothing classical/ elevator music. A little cheesy, but I found it nice and relaxing.
The massages--- there were 2! Once during the salt scrub and a long calf and foot massage. It was heavenly.

It is a bit pricey---$53 for spa pedi and just paint on my fingers-- but I guess that seems to be the norm for this area.
A B.
Falls Church, VA
Went for the first time with 2 girlfriends on a Sunday at around 2 pm. They fit us in and the service was friendly and efficient. I got a pedicure and wish she would have spent a little more time massaging my feet, but who doesn't want that? The prices were average for the area. The regular pedicure was $30, can't remember the manicure price, but I'd give this place a thumbs up over all.
Becka H.
Arlington, VA
They did a great job on the french gel manicure and pedicure. The lady who worked on my nails paid close attention and did a great job. Her free hand french manicure turned out great! They were a little on the pricey side but did a great job!
Emily F.
Arlington, VA
This is a new nail salon located in the Clarendon Market Common, where the Ben & Jerry's used to be. The space is really nice and clean and very professional looking. Everyone I talked to there was super friendly and happy to help. (I don't usually find that at a typical nail salon around here.)

SERVICES: They seem to offer all the typical services of a nail salon - mani, pedi, acrylics, waxing, etc. So far I've gotten one pedicure, and two eyebrow waxes.

PRICING: I can't remember exactly what I paid for the pedi and wax, but it was about the same as I've found around here. (Culture shock moving here from LA, and finding out that I can't get a mani/pedi for $18 anymore!)

PEDICURE: The pedicure was GREAT. She really took her time and did a good job on all the trimming and the painting. But she wasn't slow about things, just doing a good job. I didn't get anything special done as far as art work/flowers on the nails, so I can't comment on that, but I can say that it's about 5 weeks later, and my polish is still perfect. (Just badly grown out, ha ha!) Not all pedicure polishes stay on like this. I am very impressed.

EYEBROW WAX: The eyebrow waxes were also very good. Not the very best ones I've ever had, but I'll give them four stars on the eyebrow wax. I like my eyebrows really thin though, so I probably just need to point that out next time. But they were almost painless with the wax, and were careful to pluck stray hairs afterwards. The waxing room was also very clean and nice.
Michelle P.
Arlington, VA
Acqua nails in Clarendon is such a welcome addition to the Market Commons area. This is the only nail salon I've found in the area that has consistently good to great service, and is always clean. Not the cheapest nail salon, but also not nearly as expensive as Red Door or high-end salons that offer services of comparable quality.

The eyebrow wax makes me break out, but that always happens to me, wherever I go. For me, this would be a 5-star if they offered threading, but that may be asking a lot.

The women who work there are very nice, and take their time to do the job the right way. Love the massage chairs, paraffin wax for hands, and the thorough leg scrub/massage. I highly recommend Acqua Nails on its own merits, but especially when compared to some other places in the neighborhood.
Chase L.
Arlington, VA
This is my go-to pedicure spot. It's small and crowded but the ladies are very nice and do a great job. They don't give me a hard time about my gross runner's toenails that are black and blue and sort of falling off :) I've gotten my eyebrows done once and they were uneven, so I'll stick with the pedicures for now. Definitely get there right when they open on the weekend to avoid the crush. Nowhere to wait so it's awkward if it's too busy. Make sure to bring cash for tip because they won't put it on the card.
Lauren K.
Arlington, VA
Yes, this place is small and busy, but dealing with those issues is well worth it! I came here on a whim last week when I didn't feel like making the trek to my usual place. I had to wait about 10 minutes. I got a mani/pedi for $43, which included a salt scrub on my feet and a parrafin wax for my hands. My nails look amazing and both my hands and feet are still smooth, nearly a week later. I'll definitely be back!
Nicole H.
Manitou Springs, CO
Had a nice visit even for a busy Sunday afternoon. Color selection was ok, had a lot of trendy colors. I was looking for a more neutral "work" color. Attendants were friendly and did a great job with the color. The mud mask during the pedicure was great! Will come back here again. Price was decent for area.